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A Bail Bond May Be Reduced

A bail bond may be reduced, bail bonds are lowered and raised every day for a variety of reasons.

It would be impossible to explain them all because so many different situations exist.

We want to explain the most common possibility and give some understanding as to what may be possible depending on individual situations.

The most common situation where a bail bond is reduced would be for the charge of (Assault Family Member).

These bonds are typically set very high from the beginning. A common sense understanding as to why these bonds are set so high may be that the court sees a possible need for a cooling down period. If someone is involved in an assault and the person they are accused of assaulting is a family member then it would probably be a good idea for that person to remain in custody and cool off a little.

In many of these cases the court will issue a protective order and the person in jail is notified that they are not allowed to go anywhere near the alleged victim.

Bail bonds for these types of cases are set very high and are sometimes set at zero which means until the court sets bail the person in jail cannot be released.

A typical example would be a misdemeanor assault family member case where the bail bond is originally set at $50,000.00. In most cases after the defendant is arrested and goes before a judge the bond is reduced to a much lower amount.

Judges review cases before them and make determinations about bail every day. They make decisions based on many factors. One of these factors is the amount of time a person has been incarcerated without making bail. Many situations exist where a judge may reduce the amount of bail.

Attorneys set cases for bond reduction hearings every day.

Again, there are too many possibilities so it is our goal here to simply make you aware that bail bonds can be reduced and are reduced all the time.
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