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About Us / Why We're Different

My name is Jack Meyer and I'm an owner of Bada Bing Bail Bonds Houston and have been providing bail bond services in Houston and Harris County for 33+ years.

We are a family owned and operated bail bond service - when you contact us you will "always" be speaking to a decision maker that can answer any questions you have and that can make the arrangements you need to get a friend or loved one out of jail.

Unlike other bail bonding services in Houston who must pay exhorbent fees in overhead, because we are family owned and operated, we have little to no overhead which in turn allows us to provide you with the best possible price.

We are not like any other Houston Bail Bond Company!

What makes us different?

Our client's reviews have made Bada Bing Bail Bonds Houston, to date, the (only) Houston bail bond service with a 5 star rating on Google. Read our reviews posted by our clients on Google and see for yourself what our clients think of us. Our reputation has earned us client retention and our client's always refer us to their friends and family when the need arises!

  • We don't just advertise the lowest prices - we actually do offer the lowest prices
  • We make payment arrangements that you can afford - with no interest
  • When you call, you are speaking to a decision maker who will assist you promptly
Bada Bing Bail Bonds
803 W. 20th Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Harris County Lic.# 74531
Fax: 713-864-2475
Tel: 713-864-2464
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