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Hi, my name is Jack Meyer and I have been in the bail bond business in Houston for 33+ plus years.

Bada Bing Bail Bonds offers services to the Criminal Defense Attorney that are unmatched by any bail bondsman in Houston. I have developed business relationships with many criminal defense attorneys through the years and I always look forward to making new ones.

My policy with criminal attorney relationships is a simple one... I want every single customer to call their attorney and say thank you for referring me to Bada Bing Bail Bonds.

Our client's reviews have made Bada Bing Bail Bonds Houston, to date, the (only) Houston bail bond service with a 5 star rating on Google. Read our reviews posted by our clients on Google and see for yourself what our clients think of us.

We are a family run business and our customers always do business directly with an owner of the company. We retain our clientele for obvious reasons, and once they have done business with us they do in fact refer everyone they know when the need arises.

It would be impossible and also make for a tremendous amount of boring reading for me to go through all the different scenarios of things that have happened in the past and where I have tried to be of help, so instead I’m going to try and give a simplified picture of how I do business.

As all criminal defense attorneys are aware unexpected things can happen that directly affect the defendant’s freedom in criminal proceedings.

I do everything I can (within reason) to help.

A new arrest, bond forfeiture, bond revocation, re-indictment, new warrants of arrest, etc. are all possibilities that jeopardise the defendants bail bond and ultimately their freedom.

With the possible exception of a defendant being re-arrested for a serious felony offense that has an extremely high bond which obviously changes the financial risk substantially I try in every circumstance to help. I still want to help in this circumstance but in some cases the family simply does not have the resources.

An example would be if a judge revoked bail because the defendant was late for a court appearance or possibly tested dirty for a UA. In either one of these instances there have been bail bond companies that require the family to pay for the full amount of the new bail bond in order to help.

My typical course of action is to give full credit for any money already spent for bail and to charge the difference for the new bail bond fee.

I’m certain many other bail bond companies would handle this situation in the same manner as I do but the truth is that there are those that do not.

I try in every way to be flexible, fair and reasonable with my customers through every possible unexpected circumstance.

I do my best to make bail available to anyone and I offer easy payment arrangements tailored to individual needs.

If I can be of assistance please give us a call.


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