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Bail Bonds Houston what are the qualifications

Posted by on in Houston Bail Bond Information!
What are the qualifications for making a Houston bail bond?

This is going to be an ongoing list of stories of actual customers who started out their conversations with us with the question "What are your qualifications?"

As you scroll down through our blog you will find other interesting reading but I decided to start this story telling process because we do get a lot of people who need help and have been unable to find it. In most cases we did help them and in these specific stories we helped all of these folks. So each blog entered regarding this subject will begin with this exact same statement.

I have asked our readers to please forgive us for entering phrases like "Houston Bail Bonds", and "Bail Bondsman Houston", and others, but as I have explained before our web page manager insists that we do this to keep the pages of our website relevant to the site as a whole, so let the stories begin.

This story is entitled "Duct Tape "

I received a call in the afternoon from the jail. The defendant had been trying to find a bail bondsman that would consider making his bond without collateral and finance the bail bond fee because he didn't have the money everyone had been asking for.

His first question was "what are your qualifications"

Bail bondsman in Houston who actually take collect calls from the jail are very quick to take over the conversation because the call is costing them around $4.00 and it is a time limited call, so if you do not find out everything you need to find out before the phone hangs up then the callers want to call you over and over again.

I quickly explained that we were on a time limited call that I was paying for and that if he wanted my help it would be necessary for him to not ask any questions and listen while asked all the questions.

The man was charges with aggravated kidnapping, and auto theft, his bonds were $30,000.00 and $10,000.00. This type of charge always brings to mind a car jacking, and anyone charged with an aggravated offense is much more difficult to help for no other reason than the fact that the charge is "aggravated". The bond becomes a much higher risk when there is a possibility that someone is facing jail time and aggravated offenses fall into that category.

Apparently the other bonding companies that he had been in contact with either were not interested in making a high risk bond without collateral, or without being paid in full. I am also going to assume that an inexperienced employee took the call or had spoken with his family and did not ask enough questions in order to make some determination in their own mind as to the culpability of the defendant, and automatically assumed he was guilty.

After asking lots of questions the story went something like this:

The kidnapping victim was his girl friend, and the car in question was her car.

The man and his girl friend had lived together for several years off and on. The reasons for their splitting up from time to time was that she liked to go out and have a drink every night after work, and her one drink typically turned into two, and you get the picture.

They both owned their own homes, so he would stay with her and she would stay with him and they would both stay away from each other from time to time.

This on and off relationship worked out very well for them until she became pregnant. With a baby on the way the man who loved the woman except for her absolute desire to go out and have a drink every night after work began a crusade to stop her from drinking. He was actually successful and the relationship had turned into them both staying at his house until after the baby was born.

After giving birth the woman began her after work drinking again. She would drink and he would babysit. She would come to his house and he would go to her house again. They would stay away from each other again from time to time.

It was his desire to try and get her to stop drinking and for them to get married and raise a family. It was her desire to keep things exactly the way they were because she had no intention whatsoever of giving up her after work drink. The two of them had many discussions about her drinking when she would show up at his door step each night intoxicated. Sometimes she would stay, sometimes she would leave.

On this particular occasion she had decided that she would go home and that she would be taking the baby with her. They had a discussion about that and he had expressed to her that she would not be taking the baby with her. After realizing that the discussion would soon be turning into a fight he compromised and offered to drive her and the baby home. She was not going to leave her car at his house because she needed to get to work in the morning. He decided to drive her and the baby to her house in her car and that he would spend the night at her house.

After he arrived at her house with her and the baby, she told him that he was not welcome to stay because he was such an a-h-e, you fill in the four blanks. He explained that he was not leaving her with the baby this way and that she could stay home and he would take the baby to his house. This was not going to work for her and she began an intoxicated rant about how she would go where she wanted when she wanted and that the baby was going with her. Finally after much more discussion and ranting she grabbed her car keys and said she and the baby were leaving her house to go where ever she decided she wanted to take them.

The man tried over and over again to get the car keys and to stop her from trying to leave. The more he tried to stop her the angrier she became and it was apparent to him that she was a danger to him, to the baby and to herself and that there would be no amount of talking that was going to change her mind.

He begged her to just sit down long enough for him to get his things together so that he could leave and that as soon as he had his stuff, he would hand the baby over to her and leave. He said he had left some duct tape in her garage and that he needed it for something he was doing at his house and that if she would just sit still long enough for him to get what he needed, he would be gone.

She compromised and sat; he went into the garage, grabbed the duct tape, snuck up behind her and forcibly held her to the chair until he was able to get her completely duct taped to it. He then took her car keys and said that he and the baby were taking her car back to his house and that when he got home he would call her other daughter and let her know that her mother was at home duct taped to the chair.

Before he was able to get out the door with the baby, the daughter and her boyfriend just happened to be making a late night visit and found him, the baby and the mother duct taped to the chair.

The daughter went berserk and did not care to hear any explanation, and immediately dialed 911, and then told him to give her the baby and leave immediately or he would be going to jail.

The man reluctantly gave up the baby and then took the girlfriends car to his house where he pulled in and out of his own driveway, deciding to go right back to get his child regardless of getting arrested. When he arrived at the girlfriend's house the police were there and immediately arrested him.

I have heard many many stories in 28 years, and many of those were obviously untruthful, but folks, there is no way anyone can even make this kind of stuff up.

I got the man out of jail as fast as I could get him out, no collateral was required and I let him make whatever payments that was affordable for him.
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