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Bail Bondsman in Houston Texas a day in the life

Bail Bondsman in Houston Texas a day in the life.

I have to blog once a week to keep our site current and sometimes it gets to be a little difficult to find subject matter. When I hit a bump in the road and can't find material I tell stories; so this may be boring reading, or maybe not you decide. This is more like a couple of hours in the life of a Bail Bondsman in Houston Texas.

Most folks who put in the 9 to 5 get a little shut eye so that they can get through the next day. A Bail Bondsman in Houston gets a little shut eye whenever possible.

Last night was typical, I had just settled into bed, dozed off immediately and was probably dreaming of, (well lets skip that part) when the phone rang; it was 1:00 AM.

My caller wanted to know if they had any traffic ticket warrants. My first question was, "do you know where you were to have appeared in court, was it the City of Houston Municipal Court, a Justice of the Peace Court, do you know who may have a warrant out for you?"

My caller was laughing, I think she was being harassed by a gentleman admirer, there was loud music in the background and it sounded as though she may have been in a night club. "I don't know," she said, "can you just check for me?"

It's fairly common to get calls at 1:00AM and many times it's someone inquiring as to whether or not they might have an open warrant, however, most of the time the callers are not intoxicated.

"I will be happy to help you, I want to help you, but there's no computer site that just gives generic information, if you can........."

This is the first time she cut me off. "ok," she said, "then can you help me?"

"Yes mam, I will try to help, do you know where you were supposed to have appeared in court?"

"Nope," was the answer, followed by more laughing and "stop, I'm on the phone," then from the sound of things she dropper her phone and we were disconnected.

Now sometimes when people are intoxicated and they get disconnected they call right back, and sometimes they loose interest and don't call back at all. I didn't get all call back so I snuggled back under the covers. I'm pretty sure I went right back to sleep because when the phone rang again at 1:22 AM it woke me up.

She was still laughing and said, "Hi, it's me again, did you find out anything?"

I try to keep it light with the drunks because if you sound like you're getting agitated they sometimes get vulgar. "Noo....., you didn't give me your name," just picture someone talking sweetly to a small child.

"Oh!" ..... followed by more laughter.....and the phone went dead again.

I laid there in bed for a few minutes thinking she will probably call back but she didn't so I went back to sleep again.

The phone rang again at 2:20 AM, only this time she wasn't laughing, in fact she sounded kind of serious, "did you find any warrants for me?"

"No mam, you have never given me your name."

"Well I just got pulled over can you please check for me real quick?"

"I will check what I can, but you better give me your name, date of birth, and the name of someone I can call and their phone number."

"But I don't have any warrants do I?"

"Mam, I don't know, you still haven't given me your name, now please listen, give me your name and date of birth, then I need you to give the name and phone number of someone I can call."

That's when I heard the police officer say, "Mam, do you have a shirt or something you can put on to cover yourself please."

"I can't, it has throw up all over it, do you have anything I can use?"

Apparently she had put the phone in her lap and I was eves dropping.

The police officer then said, "No I do not, where are you going mam?"

"I'm trying to get home, I just live right around the corner, will you please let me go home, I promise to put a shirt on when I get home."

The phone went dead again. I haven't given it much thought since.
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