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Do all bail bond companies in Houston require a co-signer?

Posted by on in Houston Bail Bond Information!
Do all Houston Bail Bond Companies in Houston require a Co-Signer?

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We are often asked why a co-signer is needed or if all bail bond companies require a co-signer.

When a bail bond is posted to get someone out of jail the bond is the guarantee to the court that this person will appear in court at every court hearing until the case is finally adjudicated. If for example a criminal defendant is required to post a bail bond in the amount of $10,000.00 this simply means that if the defendant failed to appear in court then the $10,000.00 plus any other court cost that may be assessed is due and must be paid by the bonding company.

The bail bond can be posted by placing ($10,000.00) in cash directly to the court by anyone that wishes to get this person out of jail or they can pay a fee to a bail bondsman and sign paperwork guaranteeing that the defendant will appear in the amount of ($10,000.00). So in effect if you choose to use the services of a bail bondsman you are borrowing the $10,000.00 and paying a fee to the bondsman for the loan.

A common misconception is that a preferred method of getting a person out of jail is by utilizing the services of a bail bondsman and paying a much smaller amount of money than what is actually required by the court and in doing so the bail bondsman alone is responsible for the defendants court appearances, after all that is why you pay a bail bondsman, isn't it?

Another amazing misconception is that if you pay a bondsman to get someone out of jail, nothing else is required period, so in the scenario of someone being charged with robbing the bank, once the persons bond has been posted it will never be necessary for that person to go to court, in fact we wouldn't need courts or prisons which would mean why do we need police? I realize of course that for some this rose colored world would be the ideal situation but rose colored it is.

If all that were required to get someone out of jail on a bail bond was simply paying a fee to a bail bondsman, and no other responsibility existed, the jail would be empty. Typically a bail bondsman will try and get the best co-signer possible to guarantee the defendants court appearance and in some cases the bondsman will require collateral, (some type of security), such as an automobile or real estate to guarantee the bond.

Many times people have difficulty understanding why it takes so long to get information or why it takes so long for someone to be booked into jail or released from jail. We encourage anyone to please contact our office anytime day or night to simply get information about Houston Bail Bonds. We will do everything we can to be helpful and give the kind of information that will help you make decisions based on accurate information.
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