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How to get the best deal for Houston bail bonds

Posted by on in Houston Bail Bond Information!
How to get the best deal for Houston bail bonds

People shop for price.

A true Example:

A caller was shopping for guess what …price.

She had 10 traffic warrants and the total bond amount ended up being $3076.00.

I quoted her a price that she acknowledged was in fact the lowest price she had been given, and she told me that she had already contacted several other bail bond companies in Houston.

Naturally if someone is shopping to get the best price and they have already called several other companies, and then tells you that you have in fact offered them the best price the thought would be this person is going to do business with us.

She then asked me if I would work out some sort of payment plan with her.

Since she is looking for payment plans then two things are probably true, she doesn’t have the ability to come up with enough money to pay the fee I just quoted her and another bonding company has offered to take less money as a down payment towards some kind of payment arrangement.

It really doesn’t matter if I am offering the best overall deal if it is still more money than she can afford to come up with (right now).

The bail bond business is somewhat unique in that there is an immediate need so when a person calls they are almost always in the market to buy (today).

Therefore, if a bondsman wants to do business with a potential customer the opportunity to do so is right here, right now over the phone.

If the bondsman doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity then the opportunity in all likelihood has been lost and the customer will end up doing business someplace else.

A bail bondsman, the (owner) of the company is much more acutely aware of this (immediate need) than the employees that work for the company, which is why when a customer calls my office I almost always convince them to come and do business with me. And, a major benefit of calling us is that the caller is going to get me on the phone every time.

I asked her what the best arrangement she had been offered already was.

The down payment for the best deal she had found so far ended up being $50.00 less than the total fee I had quoted her and if she had made arrangements with the other company then she would have ended up paying twice as much as what I was charging her.

She could have easily told me anything she wanted to, thinking obviously that I would have had no way of knowing if she was being honest with me. However, if she had told me that she had been offered some ridiculous deal for a lot less money I would have known better because this is what I do for a living.

Ridiculous deals do not exist when it comes to things costing less.

Ridiculous deals are made every day in the world of things costing more because many consumers want something that they can’t really afford, but because they can purchase it on payments they are willing to pay more.

A man that cleans windows will tell you that the middle class people with a nice home will keep him busy, however those with much nicer, more expensive homes will not because they can’t afford to have their windows cleaned.

The other bonding company first found out (how much money she could come up with), and then offered her a really great deal on payments, it was a great deal for her because now she found someone that would help her by offering to take what money she had available as a down payment and pay the rest out in payments.

I offered to take the same amount of money for a down payment as what the other company was offering except I didn't charge her any more than I normally would have and she ended up with a much better deal with me than what she had already been able to find.

I would not have been able to help her if we had not had this honest conversation.

I absolutely understand shopping around, the problem is that very few people know how to negotiate price so they pull some crazy number out of a hat and throw it against the wall to see if it will stick. The common response to crazy numbers is to say sorry I can’t help you and the conversation is over.

And, by trying to negotiate in this fashion many people cheat themselves out of getting the best deal because the conversation is ended before they even know what kind of deal they might have been offered.

Shop around we encourage our clients to do so, and the truth is that people who negotiate price honestly always do get the best deal.
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