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I posted a bail bond in Houston, Texas, Now What?

Posted by on in Houston Bail Bond Information!
This blog represents the views of Bada Bing Bail Bond Company in Houston Texas and is not necessarily representative of the views of other Bail Bondsman in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Arrangements for bail bonds in Houston, Texas can be made by contacting us at www.badabingbailbonds.net or calling us at 713-864-2464. Our address is 803 W. 20th street, Houston, TX 77008. License # 74531
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Once a person has been formally charged with a criminal offense an important first thought might be to consider speaking with an attorney.

Our goal here is to simply give some common sense advice.

When someone is charged with a crime in most cases they are arrested and taken to jail and if they are one of the lucky ones they make bail and are free again, (free to prepare for their defense). If your plumbing is in need of repair call a plumber, if you are in criminal trouble call a criminal defense attorney.

For anyone who is experiencing the need of criminal representation for the first time the idea of hiring an attorney can be a bit spooky in and of itself. It's only human to begin thinking about money when hiring an attorney and how in the world are you going to come up with the money you will need.

Sometimes it becomes a little difficult to assess a situation properly, especially when we are under duress, so to put things into perspective please consider that there are very few things in life that actually effect our freedom, two in fact, your health and a criminal conviction.

Our customers will often times ask; do I need to hire an attorney, or can't I just plead guilty? We are not suggesting that a person should or shouldn't plea anything one way or the other here or in our office. We are not attorney's and we do not offer legal advice, but we are asked these questions and so all we are saying is to carefully consider your options.

These questions occur with customers charged with felony and those charged with misdemeanor offenses all the time and the thought of the actual overall consequences of just pleading guilty never seems to be as important as the prospect of having to pay out money to an attorney.

Without the proper legal representation a criminal conviction can and does in fact have a very profound influence on your life and freedom and the proof of neglecting to take the proper steps necessary to defend and protect yourself can and many times will present itself long after the criminal case and your brush with the law have become history.

An attorney will understand if you have financial problems, talk to them honestly and be direct when explaining your situation. I have never met an attorney that refused to work with their clients when it comes to money. Keep in mind that this is what they do for a living and that the plumber is going to charge you for services.

There's also a Public Defenders Office in Harris County. If you feel that you do not have the financial ability to hire an attorney then consider asking the Court for help in seeking assistance to utilize this resource.

A guilty plea is exactly that a plea of guilty and for some this may be what common sense dictates to them, so once again we want to be clear there's no suggestion of any kind here other than to urge you to carefully consider all of your options.
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