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Houston District Court and County Court Bail Bonds

Which court in Houston or Harris County?

This explanation is lengthy; Harris County is huge so there are many possibilities when it comes to getting a person out of jail or trying to keep them from going to jail. In this section of our website we are dealing strictly with District Court and County Court offenses which by themselves have a whole array of possibilities.

If a person is charged with a Felony in Harris County then the criminal case is prosecuted in one of many Criminal District Courts in Harris County.

If a person is charged with a Class A or B Misdemeanor in Harris County then the criminal case is prosecuted in one of the many County Criminal Courts in Harris County.

Many people are arrested throughout Harris County by many different Police Departments. Each Police Department has its own jail and if a person is arrested by a Police Officer that works for a specific Police Department such as, (The City of Pasadena Police Department), or (The City of Bellaire Police Department), and there are many others, then the person being arrested is taken to that specific Jail in that city.

Again, there are many Police Departments throughout Harris County the largest being The City of Houston Police Department.

Harris County also has its own individual Police Departments; they are not referred to as such, instead they are Sherriff's Department and Constable's Department.

The Harris County Sheriff's Department patrols all of Harris County.

The Harris County Constable's Department patrols each individual Precinct in Harris County, there are 8 different Precincts with 8 different Constable Departments, Precinct 1, Precinct 2, Precinct 3, and so on.

The State of Texas also has its own different Police Departments and they are not referred to as such, instead they are Texas State Troopers, Texas Parks and Wild Life Department "The Game Warden", and the infamous "Texas Rangers".

Texas State Troopers patrol the State Highways and many rural areas of the State and can certainly make an arrest anywhere in the State. Texas Parks and Wildlife Officers "Game Wardens", patrol our parks and waterways.

Texas Rangers of course are feared by outlaws (everywhere). My apologies, I may have gotten off of the subject, what I meant to say is "Texas Rangers can go anywhere in the State of Texas" but I would still like to add, and are recognized and respected all over the world.

Okay enough, "I'm from Texas" stuff and back to how all of this effects how a person is released from jail on District Court and County Court cases.

If a person is arrested by a "Police Department" somewhere in Harris County for a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor as I said above the person is taken to that particular jail first. They will remain in custody there until the formal complaint against them has been either accepted or denied by the Harris County District Attorney's Office, THIS PROCESS USUALLY TAKES 8-12 HOURS.

If the charges are accepted and a criminal charge is filed against the person in custody then after this information is entered into the Harris County Justice information Management System and after the Police Department receives this information then this person can be bailed out of jail.

The Police Department that has the person in custody now has no lawful reason to hold the person in their jail and the person must be transferred to the Harris County Jail which is the jail where they will remain in unless they are bailed out of jail.

A person can also be released from the first jail now before they are transferred to the Harris County Jail, (if), the person trying to get them out of jail moves quickly before the person is transferred to the Harris County Jail; this will get a person out of jail hours earlier.

Once a person has been transferred to Harris County they are put in the back of the line (a long line) of people being booked into the jail so just because we know they are in the Harris County Jail does not mean that Harris County knows they are in their jail and will not accept a bail bond until they acknowledge that the person is in their jail. And, trust me when I say this, "just because you know they are there means nothing", Harris County is not going to drop everything to run and go find out if your loved one is somewhere in line in their jail, they will take the bond only after they acknowledge that the person is in their custody.

If a person is arrested by any of the above County or State law enforcement departments they will be taken directly to the Harris County Jail and it will take the typical 8 to 12 hours before any information is available in order to make bail arrangements.

Once a bail bond has been posted the typical release time is also between 8 and 12 hours. It is possible for a person to be released a few hours earlier but not typical.

When someone signs to guarantee a bail bond they are guaranteeing that the defendant will make all court appearances until the criminal case is finally disposed with a finding of innocents or a finding of guilt. In Harris County it is not unusual for a criminal defendant to be required to appear in court every month sometimes for more than a year. Many criminal cases are disposed of within a few months; each case is different with a different set of circumstances.

All District Courts and County Courts are located at 1201 Franklin, Houston Texas in the Harris County Criminal Justice Center (Courthouse).

All District and County Court Bail Bonds are posted at 49 San Jacinto, Houston Texas at the Harris County Sheriff's Bonding Department. This process can sometimes take hours of just standing in a line awaiting your turn.

Please give us a call and let's discuss your particular situation and options that are available to you.

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