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Bada Bing Bail Bonds Houston - Requirements To Post A Bond

Every company has different requirements...

Bail bond companies are nosey people; they have to be so they ask for a lot of information; every company has differnet requirements.
However, some companies require more than others and you aren’t always told everything that may be needed. Once you get to their office they may require more co-signers, more money, collateral, more information, the list goes on.

This isn't typically some kind of come on down gimmick, the truth is when a bail bondsman receives a call the employee answering the phone has a job and that job is to get you in the office.

The bail bond business in Houston is competitive. If an employee gives you a barrage of things to bring and a to do list of things that will be needed then there’s an excellent chance that another bail bond company has not and the customer tends to go where things seem to be simpler and less is required.

When you get to the office of the bonding company requiring less the requirements present themselves after you get to their office.

We ask all questions and give all requirements over the phone every time. There are never any surprises or additional requirements when you get to our office. We do lose business because of this but strangely enough a lot of our customers call us back after they experience going to another bonding company only to find out that (more) is needed.

We do not require phone bills and lease agreements to name a couple. Please call us to find out exactly what we will require which in all likelihood is going to be less not more.
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