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I have an open warrant for my arrest, can I post a bond so I don't go to jail?

In most cases the answer to this question is yes, it depends on each individual case, non-arrest bonds are made every day.

In Harris County all non-arrest bonds are processed without the defendant being placed in jail.

In many other counties in Texas the defendant is required to be booked in jail and then released.

In almost all criminal cases bail is set. When an open warrant exists the process of posting a non-arrest bail bond in Harris County is slightly different depending on the type of criminal case.

If a non-arrest bond is for a Class A or B Misdemeanor or a Felony offense then the bond must be presented to the Harris County Sheriff's Office at 49 San Jacinto and the defendant must be present.

If a non-arrest bond is for a Class C Misdemeanor then the bail bond can be presented to the court by the defendant or the bail bond company with a couple of small municipality exceptions. There are some courts that will except non-arrest bail bonds from any person that presents the bond to the court.

If a court sets a bond amount of zero on a criminal case then it is not possible to post a non-arrest bond.

Please give us a call and let's discuss your particular situation and options that are available to you.
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