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Do you need to make a Class C Misdemeanor Bail Bond?

Class C misdemeanor bail bonds are required for Municipal Courts and Justice of the Peace Courts.

Justice of the Peace bail bonds are handled in a variety of different ways.


Many people in Houston and throughout Harris County get traffic tickets, I do not know the exact average but it's safe to say that somewhere in the neighborhood of 7000 traffic citations are given each day.

Many of these are handled in the Justice of the Peace Courts. If a person is given a traffic citation by a Harris County Sheriff, Harris County Constable, Texas State Trooper, or a Parks and Wildlife Officer then their court appearance will be in a Justice of the Peace Court. There are 16 separate Justice of the Peace Courts in Harris County.

When a person misses a court date then a warrant is issued for their arrest by the court and in order to get a new court date and stay out of jail a non-arrest bail bond must be posted. The Justice of the Peace Courts are open Monday through Friday and closed on weekends. They are typically open from 9am to 5pm.

Arrangements for non-arrest Justice of the Peace Court bail bonds can be made after hours and on weekends but then the bail bond must be posted with the court on the next business day that the court is open.

In Jail:

If a person goes to jail because of a Justice of the Peace warrant a three ring circus comes to mind. It's not easy to understand or explain and I get turned around just typing it out.

If a person is arrested by any police officer, keeping in mind police officers do not work for Harris County, this is explained in detail in the District Court and County Court Bail Bonds section, and if they are arrested Monday through Friday, and someone is attempting to post a bail bond for them between 9am and 2pm then it may be possible to get them released from jail.

If a person has been arrested by a police officer and it is after 2pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend then the person cannot be bailed out of jail until they are transferred to the Harris County Jail.

If a person is already in the Harris County Jail then you might be able to post a bail bond and get them out, however this is rarely ever attempted because they will be automatically released within 24 hours anyway which coincidentally is the same time frame it takes if you post a bail bond.

Please give us a call and let's discuss your particular situation and options that are available to you.

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