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Bada Bing Bail Bonds Houston - FAQ - Bail Bond by Phone

Make a Houston bail bond by phone?

In many situations you can make a Houston bail bond by phone.

The most important thing to understand is that these kinds of arrangements entail emails or faxes that allow your personal and financial information to be disbursed via internet or fax, which is a personal decision on your part.

Do you feel comfortable giving you driver’s license, social security, banking, and personal information in this fashion? Obviously in today’s society information is much less secure than in the past. The cost to do business this way is typically higher.

Bail bond companies that allow you to make a Houston bail bond by phone are required to do all of the footwork that will be needed in order to make the bail bond for you. This is not commonly what happens when you go directly to the bondsman’s office. In the majority of situations the person wishing to bail someone out of jail does all the footwork.

If a person is in the Harris County Jail for example, the bail bondsman will need to dispatch a bail bond runner (employee), or private contractor to go to the jail bonding division and stand in a line. If the person is located in one of the many other jails throughout Harris County or has a hold with another police department then each circumstance dictates several different possibilities. A bail bond runner may have to drive to several different locations and stand in several different lines before the bail bond is finally processed.

When trying to make a Houston bail bond by phone the extra cost is added in as part of the bail bond fee, these costs can be quite a bit extra depending again on each individual circumstance.

Bada Bing Bail Bonds can help you make a Houston bail bond by phone.

We suggest that you shop around, as we often do, so that you can compare the difference for yourself. The difference in cost to make a Houston bail bond by phone can be different from one company to the next, and you can find out what the difference in overall fee would be if you choose to go into the bondsman’s office instead.
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