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Many Courts Will Work With You...

Many courts will work with you.

Many of our clients call because they have missed a court date for a traffic ticket and are worried that a warrant may have been issued for their arrest.

In all cases traffic related I would suggest posting a bail bond simply because cases are dismissed and fines are reduced for no other reason than the prosecutor makes an offer of agreeing to dismiss certain cases and reducing fine amounts in a plea bargain agreement.

However, some possibilities exist where a court may reschedule your court appearance after you have missed a court date without requiring the need of a bail bond.

This is more common with the Justice of the Peace Courts. These courts are inconsistent in all things.

There are 16 different Justice of the Peace Courts in Harris County and they are all separate courts that operate by their own rules to some degree. Some of these courts will issue a warrant quickly if a person misses a court date while others may not issue a warrant until months later.

The most common scenario when a warrant has not been issued yet is for a Justice of the Peace Court to tell you to just come in and talk to a prosecutor. If you do this then there is a possibility that your case could be disposed of without requiring a bail bond to guarantee your court appearance. Please keep in mind this almost always if not always means that you are going to end up making a plea of guilty and end up being fined.

Another scenario surrounds cases for issuance of a bad check. Again I want to express that there is no consistency with Justice of the Peace Courts so this particular scenario may not exist. If it does then it may be possible to contact the court and if the court says they will work with you then they will. A bad check scenario can sometimes mean come into the court and pay the check and then a court date will be given without requiring the person to post a bail bond to guarantee appearance.

These and other possibilities exist and if you call our office we will always go through the different possibilities that may exist relating to you particular circumstances so that you can determine for yourself which options may best suit your needs.
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