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Do you need to make a Municipal Bail Bond?

A Municipal Bail Bond is needed if a person receives a traffic citation from a Police Officer in one of the many municipalities throughout Harris County and then fails to appear in court.

There are also municipal citations given for other violations other than traffic, like sign ordinances, food ordinances, petty theft, trash violations the list goes on and if the person does not appear in court then a warrant issued.

Hundreds of people are arrested each day in Harris County in every municipality and in most municipalities the process of posting a bail bond and getting out of jail is pretty easy, simple and quick.

However, the City of Houston Municipal Court and the City of Houston Jail are much larger and the process of getting someone out of jail is much slower.

The difficulties of someone going to jail are when a person is arrested by a police department for outstanding warrants that exist with other municipalities.

For example a person that gets arrested by the city of Bellaire Police Department for an open warrant with the city of Pasadena. Because the person was arrested in Bellaire the Bellaire Police must take the person to their jail in Bellaire. Now the person in jail must either sit in jail waiting for Pasadena to come and pick them up. Or, if someone wants to get them out quicker they must take a bail bond to the city of Bellaire and have the defendant sign and thumbprint the bond and then take the bond to Pasadena. Then Pasadena will issue a release so that the person can be released from the city of Bellaire.

The vast majority of municipal bonds are posted non-arrest before a person gets arrested and this too is a simple process of going to a bail bond company and getting a bail bond so that they can remove the warrant and get a new court date.

Please give us a call and let's discuss your particular situation and options that are available to you.

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