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Do you have an open warrant, or need to make a Non-Arrest Bail Bond?

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If a person has an open warrant for their arrest and a bail bond has been set by the court then a non-arrest bail bond can be posted so that the person who has the warrant can keep from being arrested and going to jail.

If a person has an open warrant for a more serious offense such as a Class A or B Misdemeanor or a Felony, then the Bail Bond must be taken to the Harris County Sheriff’s bonding window by the person that is being charged with the offense. The person is lawfully placed under arrest when they present the non-arrest bail bond at the window; the person is not placed in hand cuffs or put into jail.

The next few paragraphs are going to be redundant, but it’s better to understand completely than not understand and end up in more trouble.

It is very important to understand what was just said, (when the bond is presented), after you have handed a non-arrest bail bond to the Sheriff’s Department you are no longer free to leave until they say you can.

There is a lobby with benches to sit and wait. A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy will eventually call for the person to go with them to be officially booked by going through the Harris County Sheriff Identification process where their picture (mug shot) is taken and finger prints are taken. This waiting process can easily take 3 hours or more.

The reason this is important to understand is because even though a person is not hand cuffed or placed in jail, they are under arrest and they are no longer free to leave until they are released by the Sheriff’s Department.

In most counties throughout Texas a person must be booked into jail before being released and even though this is not the policy of Harris County for non-arrest bail bonds, once a non-arrest bond is given to the Sheriff you are being detained, you are free to walk around in the lobby but you are not free to leave until you are released by the Sheriff.

Without thinking everything through properly and probably not having the process explained to them properly by a bail bondsman, someone will from time to time decide that the process of waiting is taking too long and simply leave. They think that since they are turning themselves in and they didn't realize the process was going to take so long that they can come back at another time when they are more prepared to sit and wait. This can result in an additional warrant of arrest being issued for a felony charge of escape.

If a person presents themselves for arrest to post a non-arrest bail bond then they cannot leave before the process is complete, in fact if they have to go to the bathroom they should first report with the deputy at the window to inform them of where they are going.

The next thing to have an absolute understanding of is how quickly a court date will be set for the person posting a non-arrest Houston Bail Bond.

The first court date for a Felony offense is typically set within a day or two after the bail bond is posted. If someone were in jail they are typically set for court the next day. This is not always true, court dates are set by the court on Felony cases and they set them how they want.

The important thing to remember is that once a felony non-arrest bond has been posted the process isn’t over until you know what your court date is going to be. The bail bond company will call the court the following day or if on a weekend or holiday the next day in which court is in session. It is best to be proactive and call the bonding company the next day so that you will know what your court date is going to be and do not stop calling until you do know.

Most people do not understand the criminal justice system and truly believe that if something goes wrong and they didn’t know, weren’t told, or if anything happens that in their own mind couldn’t possibly be their fault that they are somehow protected by not knowing. This is completely false, never ever just assume anything, if you don’t know ask, if you’re not sure find out.

In the Harris County District Courts and County Courts, court dates are given quickly and every future court appearance if the case is not completely disposed of is given each court appearance. Not knowing your court date means going to jail (period).

This first court date is an arraignment or a hearing where the defendant makes a plea of guilty or not guilty.

If the defendant enters a plea of not guilty then the court will reset the case in order to give the defendant time to contact and hire an attorney so that they may properly prepare for their defense.

The process is the same for a Class A or B Misdemeanor except the court date for arraignment is usually 5 days and in most cases the Sheriff will write the court date at the top of the bond in the upper left hand corner where it says surprisingly enough (court date). If a court date is not written on the bond (to be set) will be written and again it is necessary to find out the next day “what is my court date?”

Non-arrest bail bonds for Class C Misdemeanor offenses are handled very differently. A person can either present themselves to the court at the courts designated bonding window if allowed or the bail bond company can take the non-arrest bail bond to the court for them and some courts will only take the bond from the bonding company, and in some courts the bond will be accepted by anyone that brings it.

When Houston Non-Arrest Bail Bonds are posted for Class C Misdemeanors it is obviously very important to then make certain that the future court appearance resulting from a non-arrest bail bond being posted is not overlooked. The result of not knowing your court date is another warrant of arrest being issued and in most cases a larger bail bond being set by the court for the non-appearance, along with a failure to appear in court warrant.

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