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Do you need to make a bail bond for a traffic ticket?

For information about Houston Traffic Ticket Warrant Bail Bonds contact us at 713-864-2464

It is important to understand the consequences of not going to court for a traffic ticket.

For many people the thought is I did it, I’m guilty, so I’m just going to go down and pay the fine.

Traffic ticket convictions can sometimes result in a driver’s license suspension and state surcharges that are required to be paid before a driver’s license can be renewed. So again before just pleading guilty to something it might be wise to speak with an attorney or find out if a Houston Bail Bond is an option that might work for you.

Cases are often dismissed for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes a police officer fails to show up for court and a judge will dismiss the case. Cases are frequently dismissed by a judge because of an agreement between the defense and the prosecution, and for Class C Misdemeanor offenses many times the defense is the defendant representing themselves and the prosecutor will simply make an offer, “if you agree to plead guilty to this charge I will agree to dismiss this charge,” posting a bail bond can definitely be an option worth looking into.

We are a Houston Bail Bond Company and we do not practice law so to get proper legal advice we would suggest consulting with an attorney.

We do try to offer the lowest possible prices on our traffic ticket bail bonds so that a person can post bail if arrested or a non-arrest bond to prevent being arrested.

We encourage you to contact us for a price quote, and then shop around, we are certain you will find our prices to be lower than any other.

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